What’s your gaming PC doing when you’re not at home?

Before I start, this is not a sponsored post. I’m writing about this particular mining pool (just read the article), because I’ve found it easy to use and so far genuine. These links contain my affiliate tag but clicking them won’t cost you anything, ever.

I’m not suggesting that it’s trying to be self-aware and take over the world… but maybe? Ok, nevermind.

Mostly it’s turned off, right?

What if, when you’re away from home working, or doing whatever you do while you’re out (seriously though, why would you go out when you can stay home and play games?) your PC can work as well.

Everybody could use some extra cash. So last year I had one of these “great” ideas, which you have once in a while when you go to sit on the throne without your phone (boohoo).

Motivated by boredom and an endless stream of you know what, I thought: maaan, if I only knew this will take so long I would switch off this PC, it’s missing me now for sure. Or maybe I could use it somehow, when I’m not using it because I’m stuck here? Or with my dogs outside? Or asleep (happens sometimes)?

Then I googled the hell out of my genius thoughts… Turns out that I’m not even that big a genius. I knew something about Bitcoin, someone few years ago even offered me a “small” amount as a refund for some eBay stuff and I refused. That was a big mistake.

So, Bitcoin… genius, let’s mine this Bitcoin and be rich. After about 3 minutes of further research I knew that I’m late. 5 years late. Now only trading is profitable, or mining with some crazy-ass-ASIC rigs which I’ll be never able to afford.

What now?

Ok, let’s not panic, there has to be some alternative.

There was. The next generation of alternative cryptocoins, just waiting for me to find them. And I did find them. I joined a big happy (crazy?) online family: MinerGate.com where you can mine cryptocurrencies with your laptop, PC, Mac or even Android smartphone.

Just download the MinerGate app, turn on Smart Miner and let it do the job. After some time you can trade all your coins for Bitcoins, and Bitcoins for real cash.

Or just keep them and wait, because their value will only rise.

What’s the difference between these alternative coins and Bitcoins?

The new coins are ASIC resistant, which means that you will be always able to make a fair profit with regular home graphic cards and CPUs.

Can I really make a dollar this way?

Yes. If your computer is fairly strong, and your electricity fairly cheap (or free because you already spend a fortune on a fancy solar system ;)) you will make a profit. It can be a few dollars a week, it can be a couple hundred dollar a week. For example, some high end graphics cards, like RX480, can pay for themselves in under one year by mining Ethereum, which is very cheap now, or probably quicker with some more profitable coins. But you already bought this card, and you would buy it again without even knowing that it can work for you. Because this new game won’t finish itself!

Just give it a try: MinerGate.com, and message me if you have any questions.

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